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2002 RM250 tuning help

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Okay so ive got a rm250 that i bought in parts and have put back together, flushed out cooling system and gearbox oil and got a new spark plug. i have it idling fine but i need helping tuning it, i would like information on all the adjustment screws on the carbi aswell as how to know if my powervalve is operating correctly and the settings for all these adjustments. dont have a manual for it yet but id like to get it working nicely. i took it it out to a mates property today and i got it to rev pretty smooth in neutral but when i rode it it wouldnt hit powerband. got it to run nicely out of powerband (as fast as my crf250r pretty much) but yeah need some help on air fuel ratio settings etc and how to check for propper operation of the powervalve. 

Cheers in advance, Dale

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