426 at highway speeds, good idea?

Hey guys i have a 2002 wr426. i have a street legal kit on it and i use the bike for all of my travel, ive yet to travel long distance at high way speed though (70 mph or more) can anyone tell me what speed they feel comfortable cruising at without destroying the engine thanks guys!

I would have no problem at all.

I cruise 70-75 on an xr250l. Not ideal, but It doesn't work too hard, aprox 3/4 throttle.

Your wr should easily do it. If it doesn't or if you are concerned, gear it up.

my wr400 dose it fine only 1/8th throttle in 5th or 4th what ever


in using 16/50 sprockets on 21/18 road trail treys


the bike will do 170 before hitting the limmiter and to get it there really dosent take much road at all


just make sure your wheel bearings are in good shape and also have your wheels ballanced mine starts to hop at about 140 and gets the shakes a little when you back off

thanks guys! ive got a big trip coming up and im planning on doing some driving on highway roads, thanks for the replies!

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