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2000 Rmx250 build!

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I bought this 'rest of the world spec' rmx250 off a family member for $1000 one year ago, it had no kill switch, frame number or tag - probly stolen and the plastics were rough. When I rode it, the bike would rev until the powerband should have kicked in, but it just signed off and stopped accelerating basically making it a two stroke xr200. The bike was super reliable and problem free and after rolling over 100 hours, I decided to totally rebuilt it to how it was sopposed to be. Things to do are: rebuild engine top to bottom and replace everything, new bearings and seals throughout the bike, powdercoat the frame, rebuild the suspension and put some new sneakers on it... all in three months before the enduro season starts.


Some before shots:

Rmx250 #4.JPG
Rmx250 #2.JPG
Rmx250 #3.JPG


Got a new frame to make it a bit more legal, came with a frame number, tag and a stationary noise test sticker for if I ever wanted to dual sport it $80



New seat with new cover because p.o cut the old one down

Organise all my parts with glad wrap



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New wiseco forged goodness, shop just happned to have a nos piston sitting on the shelf, only charged me $120 for it



Engine out, took bottom end into the shop to get all the bearings and seals replaced as well as a new conrod and bearing because its exam season and I have no time to do it myself





Took cylinder into the shop, they serviced the powervalve and got out the deep scratches



Got a new topend bearing, cost $27



Cleaned the old carb a bit, just to see what was underneath the crap



Found the clutch cable was so frayed it would have broken on the next ride


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Sorry but these posts are going to be fairly spaced out due to school and stuff.

Finally got my bottom end back from Hastings Honda. All new bearings and seals including waterpump and crank pressed apart and new bearing and rod fitted, balanced and put back together. Only cost me $1063.69 NZD. That includes a new clutch cable and 1989 rm250 head gasket. They even cleaned the engine for me!





So funny story, those boyesen power reeds I bought off ebay that apparently fitted my bike... Yea well they dont fit, really pissed off because they cost $80 and I cant even use them  :banghead: . Old reeds are fine so ill just use those until I find a aftermarket set that fit.




On a lighter note, I put my new carb on last night just to see how it looks before I play with jetting. It looks amazing! Anyone know the jetting specs?Would help a lot.





I also got my new wiseco piston on, will put the cylinder back on tomorrow.




So im going to take the clutch cover and flywheel cover as well as the head in to be powdercoated tomorrow, the sidecovers black and the head either old rm blue or black, what do you guys think? So now I have a brand new powerplant which including the carb owes me 2k. Next update will be my finished engine with painted parts and frame.


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So progress is going to slow down quite a bit because I just bought myself a 2006 crf450r to ride in the dirt because my rmx is going to be street legal. So I get my parts back from the powdercoater and couldnt be more happy with how they turned out!







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