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coolant hoses ID

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Does anybody know the ID of the coolant hoses on a wr426? I don't have a digital caliper to check it myself.

I left it idling a bit too long while I was getting ready on a ride out a few weeks ago and now I'm mega paranoid when sitting at traffic lights or doing tight, slow trails etc. So I'm going to get this http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/TRAIL-TECH-TTO-DIGITAL-TEMP-TEMPERATURE-METER-GAUGE-IN-LINE-HOSE-SENSOR-19MM-/191560019016?nav=SEARCH....... On a side note, does anybody know the operating temp? And what is the max temp you could safely push it to?

I've bought some exhaust wrap (fitting it tomorrow) to reduce heat soak into the radiator (and to stop it trying to turn my leg into crispy Donner meat), I'm going to flush the coolant system and replace the coolant. Fuelling still needs a little work as well which could be half the problem. Has anybody else got any little tricks to try and get rid of some of the heat at slow speeds. I was considering a fan set up of some sorts but I'm not sure the stator would be man enough to power a fan, I've heard its pushing its limits with just the lights and ignition. Bigger radiators (if you can get them) are a little over budget

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