2000 wr street plated

Washington state doesn't make it easy , but it can be done. I just plated my WR last week. Most state patrol inspection stations won't pass "off road" bikes, but the Bremerton inspection will! They even gave me a copy of a memo they recieved on the state attourny generals letterhead stating, "as long as all requierments are met, we will pass all off road motorcycles". I shocked the salesman at the dealership where I bought the bike as I posted the memo on the bullitan board.

Too bad you don't live in AZ. It was so easy to make it street legal down here. Here is what we need down here. Head light, tail/brake light, mirror, horn (took off after inspection), white light for license plate...hell I bolted the plate right to the fender..drilled some small holes in the tail light for the 'white light' that's it...they didn't even ask me to show if the lights worked nor look at the tires (I am not using D.O.T. tires) It cost me $160.00 in paper work...I took it to a title exchange place, $30.00 more than the MVD, worth it though...don't have to trailer it no more...I beat all of my buddies out and back, first one to get a cold one. I get people all of the time saying how cool it is that I made my dirt bike street legal...tons and tons of stares too.


I heard a rumor a couple of months ago that Bremerton WSP was one of the few remaining inspection stations that was still allowing us to "plate" off road bikes. Glad to see there is still some hope in our state. I live over here on the east side of the mountains, and the inpsection stations over here won't even look at our kind of bikes anymore. I passed up a hell of a deal on a '00 TTR225 that I was going to get for my wife. It already had the Baja Designs dual sport kit, had only had 60 miles on it, and was just awaiting inspection for a plate. I could have snagged it for $1600, but since I didn't think I could get a plate for it, I figured it wasn't worth it since my wife wanted to be able to ride it to work.

I got my '00 WR4 last spring, and just barely got it inpsected before everything got screwy. I'm going down tomorrow to try and renew my tabs for 2001. Hope I don't run into any problems. There are a lot of rumors going around about problems arising when renewing tabs on these bikes. I'll leave a post if I have any problems. Thanks for the info. on Bremerton!


The TTR's are green-sticker bikes. I wouldn't think you would have a problem getting a plate for it.


Good for you Rick. A friend of mine just got his XR250 plated as well at the Bremerton WSP in early November just prior to our semi-annual trip down to Stonyford. Man did it work out great, we were able to go just about anywhere we wanted.


DRZ400E (Also plated!)


Here in WA State, we don't do the red sticker--green sticker thing. I see it mentioned quite a bit for other states, but I don't even have a clue as to what the different colors mean! Seems to me that the TTR is much like the the WR in that it has "off-road" lighting, no brake light, etc. I could be wrong, as I haven't looked too close at the TTR's. I know that the TTR's, like the WR's, haven't been getting approved for license plates lately here in WA, with a few minor exceptions like Rick mentioned.

I just street legaled my WR400 2000 in California! The trick is to buy one out of state with a title.


I just brought a 2000 WR400 from Connecticut

what did you do to get a plate here in Calif.

Tim in WA. Hey, Tim! Let me know how you make out on your renewal, I should be getting mine in the mail for 2001 sometime in late January. Good luck! :)

When are we going to go for a ride?

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