Who can win this months best crash award

I know this is a subject that none of us like to talk about, but let’s hear about your worst or most recent crash and burn. I just took out my damn mailbox then ripped into my neighbor’s lilac bush where I got hung up and tipped over on my side. Thank God for the Bark Busters. No damage done.

Last week I invited my neighbor to go riding with me, I would ride my WR and he would ride my Brand New Grizzly 600 ATV. He had never driven an ATV before so I gave him some basic riding tips and we hit the trails. It didn’t take long before my neighbor must have felt he was a seasoned rider and was getting a little cocky. I cautioned him on his riding and after about an hour and a half of me leading I asked if he would like to. He took off like a bat out of hell and went up a sandy trail between two small hills; I lost sight of him due to the bends in the trail. After a moment I came to the crest of the hill, not knowing what was on the other side I slowed down just in time to see treetops below. I was lucky and stopped at the top of a 50 to 70 foot drop off that was close to being straight down, my neighbor and my New Grizzly 600 ATV had not been so lucky and ended up at the bottom in the trees. To my amassment my neighbor was still alive with no broken bones, the Grizzly did bite him on the leg when it went end over end. The important thing is my 600cc Grizzly was OK :) although I had to bend a little metal back in place.

I don't think I can win a worst crash award (yet)but if you want to go for a quantity , I am a contender!!

Well about 13 months ago I broke both of my arms @ the same time (it was HELL riding home...I was on a golf course that was being built!) About 3-4 wks ago I got a concussion (wrecked on a 90 ft triple @super daves flying motoworld) and I dont even remember about 12 hrs! I have wrecked many other times but I am not very proud of them so I wont say! LOL



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I wrote off a golf cart about 3 weeks ago. ROFLMAO

I swear the throttle got stuck!... I bailed and it just dissapeared over the edge! The pro shop was not impressed and wanted me to pay for it.. but I had two witnesses that were rolling on the ground holding their stomachs from laughing so hard.

ANyway..... apart from that I reckon the pics I posted in the pictures section take the cake..even though it wasnt me.. :)

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