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CR80 no spark

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So I have an 02 Cr80 that has no spark. The guy I got it from said it needed a whole new stator. I have little to no experience with ignition systems on these bikes but I did ask him if he meant the stator or ignition. He then specifically said it needs a new exciter but thats part of the whole stator assembly and to do it all at once. He said it still makes power when cranked just not enough to make spark at the plug. He said at the plug its about half the voltage it should be but its still enough to shock you and hurt. I cant find where to just buy an exciter coil so he must be right. I can however also find an ignition oil and ignition pulse generator. So I have no idea what I need.


Would anyone mind giving me a quick explanation on what each does specifically and which is most likely going to cause there to be no spark.



-Ignition coil

-Ignition pulse Generator

-Exciter coil



Thanks this is something I have no previous experience with.

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