Will stock '01 or '02 clutch lever fit '00?

Does anyone know if the lever will fit the '00 426 perch? The new lever is suppose to have a better angle and pull.

I know the '01 lever will fit and I think the '02 is the same lever. I ran the '01 lever on mine for awhile but have swapped back to the '00. The '01 lever seemed too far away from by hand, but I think most people prefer the newer style (which is really a copy of an old style).

[ March 01, 2002: Message edited by: bassr #186 ]

Why not try a whole perch and lever from a CR?

I always used to use them on my XR's and my buddies use them on their KX's so why couldn't you use em' on a YZF?

same cable end just a diff design of lever. :)

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