1998 WR400f Project guidance appreciated

I haven't even purchased one yet. I'm taking it one step at a time. I'm still waiting on the CDI box. And then I'll go from there. I'm gonna try all combinations with the cams.

Do you think the cracked throttle plate would hinder my bike from starting?

A cracked throttle slide is a common problem on the old wr's, that definitely needs to be replaced. When rebuilding it make sure to put the slide plate seal on the right way up, very easy to get wrong. There is an oval cut out at the bottom of the plate that can easily be mistaken for a cut out to clear the top of the throttle slide where the bolt for the needle is.

The oval cut out at the bottom of the slide plate needs to be at the bottom of the carb.

Also recently bought a 99 WR400. Love the bike, mine was in pretty good shape, needed minor things done to it to get it going. One issue I'm having though is the top speed of the bike. Running stock gearing (14-50) I could only get it up to about 80kph (50mph). From what I've read these bikes can go way faster so I added 15t at the front with only minor gain in speed. Might have to drop more teeth at the back, what gearing are you thinking you'll run on your 98?

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