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Moving towards my first Trail Bike. Please guide me out of XR, TTR & Degree

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Hello guys,


I am from Pakistan. I have been a silent reader myself and I appreciate how everyone loves to support each other in this forum.

I love to travel and explore on bike. I have a 250cc crusier style bike already. But its time to purchase a trail bike to reach difficult areas as well.

So looking for a affordable 250cc bike. 


Please excuse me for putting so much detail. I am a new comer in Trail bikes so want to get proper advice. Thank You :)


Here are the list of my requirements & questions.




1. I a 6ft guy 140 Pound. so looking for a bike with a good height. (Ridden a XR250R and i guess it suits me) XL is smaller.

2. Preferably Dual but atleast Single Disk break.

3. 4 Valve 25-30 HP Machine.

4. CRF are tooo much expensive in my country so i have to limit myself to 90s XR, TTR or Degree.

5. I am not a hardcore rider just want a good machine that could easily cruise around 110-120 km/h and moderate offroading like a jeep track that could be steep or not...(Mountain area starts after 300KM from where i live).

6. Longer gears with a good low end torque. 

7. Cosmetically i good looking bike.




1. Why there are different specs for same cc / valve motor on different websites? My understanding is a 250cc 4 valve engine should have atleast 25 to30 HP. Like XR/ XL... some website says it has 19hp (That is hard to swallow. My 2 valve chinese made cruiser engine produces 20 HP)

2. I have seen an XR that has and RFVC engine the seller says that its 1996 model. But the online registration verfication system says that its 1989 may be there is some typing mistake. Please check the attached picture and tell me is it Geniune 1996 with RFVC? because someone told me that RFVC was discontinued in 1990? Does it have 6 gears?



3. I have options of following 3 bikes.


i. 1996(XR250R)



1. Took a test ride and loved it. Awesome Low end torque and Loong gears. Couldn't check total gears does it have 5 gears or 6?

2. Suspension was very good.

3. I loved the height

4. Most economical price.

5. Oil Cooled Original



1. Doesn't have self start... I am not a fan of kick starter but i have to compromise i guess.

2. Cosmetically it needs improvements.



How to tell that engine is in a good condition and it won't die soon.

How to check that suspension is working fine and springs have been consumed their life?



1997 (TTR250 Raid)


1. Better looking and seems less used than XR

2. Contains Self Start




3. Haven't ridden it so don't know about the power.

4. Expensive that XR250R i have to increase my bugdet to 20% more to get it

5. After market oil cooler is installed.

6. Parts availability is rear than Honda.



Does it posses the same HPs as XR250? 




1997 (XL250 Degree)


1. Cosmetically its complete bike

2. Contains Self Start

3. Water Cooled

4. Engine seems perfect as told by the owner



3. Too much expensive. like double of XR and i am not in a mood in spending too much.

4. Owner is wasitng a lot time in just showing the ride and still can't able to took test ride.


Now please advise which one i should get and answer the questions please. 


Thanks a lot for your time :)



















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hmmm so how much HP they got?


I was expecting some detailed answers of my questions. I guess i made LONG thread LoL

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120 km/h may be a bit optimistic. I would concentrate on the Honda. There seems to be a good bit of them in your country, so parts availability may be better. Make sure there is nothing Chinese on it. Don't think to hard about HP. Fuel range and skill is more important. At your weight even if the springs are sacked, they'll be fine. The dust in your area is very fine and abrasive, and has a tendency to get everywhere, so try to get a look at the air and oil filters if you can. Do a leakdown test if at all possible. Otherwise, if it starts easily, the engine is probably not trashed, but no guarantees. You said the suspension felt good, so its probably not binding. You will definitely want to grease it up and if you can find a relatively dust free shop, change the shock and fork oil. They are probably original. It is missing its gas cap vent hose, so that could be a symptom of poor maintenance, and you will need to clean the tank. The tires look wrecked, so budget for that if you're going anywhere cars can't go in the rainy season. I certainly wouldn't go 300 kms from home on them. Don't buy any of them without a thorough inspection and a test ride. Make sure you travel with some spare parts (spark plug, tire tube, tools) and a buddy if you venture into those gnarly mountains you have.

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Thanks for detailed reply @clappedoutkx It really helped.


I am about to finalize the XR. I have found out that its an 79 XL that is upgraded to XR. only chasis is used from XL. Everything else is replaced from a doner XR.


I need to know which year engine is installed in it?  Engine number is visible in a attached pic.

Is it a dry sump engine that is installed in a wet sump chassis? I guess not because It got a separate oil cooler installed just like an XR on front of the frame.

Any negative impact i should look for before buying this?

Engine is in healthy condition that i have checked power is great and now unusual sound.



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