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X-Trainer Springs

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They should be here next week. Heres the procedure I put together from reading & previous experience. Feel free to edit;


Fork Spring;


Put bike on lift.

Loosen handlebars & fasten out of the way.

Loosen top triple clamp to relieve pressure so cap unscrews easily.

Loosen preload adjuster.

Unscrew top cap with large adjustable wrench, 46mm socket or Betas special tool.

Remove cap & preload mechanism.

Insert special tool & unscrew inner cap while holding your tongue to the left & praying that it breaks free from the thread lock.


If it doesn't break free, curse repeatedly & throw a tool into an inanimate object.

Remove wheel.

Collapse tubes until nut accessible & hold in place.

Heat nut.

Loosen with special tool.


If cap unscrewed then lift spring & let excess oil drip back into tube.

Install new spring with tapered side up.

Reassemble with thread lock on spring cap nut & extend while tightening top cap to maintain atmospheric pressure. 




Bike on stand

Either lift subframe according to Workshop Manual procedure, or;

Remove right side panel & silencer.

Loosen lock ring & unthread both rings to relieve tension while shock on bike if not using vice.

Raise, lower &/or block rear wheel as necessary;

Remove lower shock from linkgage.

Remove upper shock from frame. 

Pull shock out right side.

Remove circlip & Plate on bottom of shock.

Slide spring off bottom of shock.

Install spring, Reinstall in reverse.

Grease bearings while accessible.

Set Rider sag to ~90mm


2016 X-Trainer Parts List.png  2016 X-Trainer Parts List.png

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