Radiator Guards 2014 WR450

Alright guys,


What radiator guards / braces do you prefer?


I had some works connection braces on my 250X and never had an issue with bent rads.... 2nd ride out on the new 450F and i drop her at 2mph and the clutch side rad got all bent (fml)


So what ones do you guys like?


Also would i be able to use an IMS bigger tank and the works connection braces?



^ none of those say they will fit the newer fuel injected 2012-2015 WR450.... also those look real restrictive.


I have a 2012 WR450 with unabiker radiator guards and IMS 3 gal tank - totally compatible. I really don't see how you could bend the unabiker guards, they are really well built and the mounting is strong.

I have the unabiker blue colored ones on my 2014 with the IMS 3.1 gal tank.  They fit well.

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Not restrictive I have desert tanks on both bikes and the 2012 is fuel injected, I ride in the desert when it's 100 degrees and have never over heated, works connection are crap. And you described you have a Honda??? Yamaha doesn't make an X model. Are you putting them on a Honda

I have Devol guards on my 2013 WR450F with an IMS 3.0 gal. Tank. I like Devol because they protect the front of the radiators also.

GYTR braces on 12 WR, no issues.  unsure on IMS tank fit though

I ended up scoring on some moose radiator guards. I like the design of them as they are a full cage around the rad vs just a brace. and from the looks of it they shouldnt be a problem with an IMS tank. 

I had GYTR on my '12 with an IMS tank. Ended up bending both radiators in separate crashes about a year apart with the GYTR's. The second crash twisted and pushed the radiator back into the ignition coil. I have since replaced the radiators with a pair from Myler's Radiator and put Enduro Engineering braces on it. No issues as of now, but I haven't crashed much either since

+1 on the UniBiker and 3.0 IMS tank. Great fit on a 13 and hella tough! Much easier to install before you bend the rads.

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