TA Pipe -- Let's try this again

Don't know what happened on the board but somehow my post got cross-threaded with 4:20s' somehow.

Anyway, I'm stoked that I have Bob fabricating me a thunder alley pipe that was ordered today and will be ready for me next week sometime. Can't beat $264 to my door.

Any tips you guys have about installation/maint of the pipe (including jetting) would be appreciated.

Happy Motoing!

Bob will send ya a 168 main. Go with it. Im not all that sure about your elevation though. Basically you need to go one up from what good now. If youve still got the 165 main, and it works good go with the 168. I went 1 size up on my pilot, but I did the bk mod also. At any rate, get ready to eat cain, sprockets and tires my friend.


Elevation here around the vegas valley is about 2000-2500ft. I've been playing with the needle setting a little but the pilot and main are both stock. No BK mod.

Thanks for the tips and maybe we'll all hook up sometime down at VMC or something.

Hey Shawn:

What's your elevation there in CA? I'm at sea level, and I've been running a 168 main and the 42 pilot, but I've been thinking about the 45 pilot. Did you notice the bike ran better with the 45 over the stock 42?



I love my TA my bike gets best peak power with stk jetting I tried the 168m but it was to rich,If you have the BK mod go with 168m and 45p.I would get it ceramic coated like Shawn and I ,IT looks bitchen and no scrubbing or wd-40.

I love my thunder alley exhaust and have been running the 168 main, and stock pilot but might move up to a 170. By the way, what is the BK mod you guys are always talking about.

You guys got any photos of your pipes now that they've been coated?

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