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HELP! Scrambler 500 not sparking!

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I have a 2001 scrambler 500 that will not spark. It was running flawlessly until I ran out of gas. I thought I just killed the fuel pump but when I tried over and over again to start it with starter fluid, I knew something else must be wrong. So I took the plug out, it didn't look great and wasn't sparking, but I took the boot off and turned it over directly with the spark lead on the engine block, still no spark.

I tested the brand new stator, 97ohms. My coil was not reading up to specs, so I just replaced that, still no spark! I have tried everything I know. All the electrical was replaced a couple of months ago. The throttle kill switch was apparently disconnected.

This is just stumping me, especially since it just cut off when it was running. I'm afraid there is a loose wire somewhere since it just stopped sparking while running.

Any help will be appreciated, this was just supposed to be a quick flip but I have no idea about electrical.

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