I am thinking about changing my back sprocket from stock to 52 teeth.Has anyone done this on there bikes?How much acceleration gain is noticible and how much top speed loss is their?

I haven't done it yet but thats the gearing I'm going to run.

I ran a 13/50 combo to compare it to the stock 14/50 and I noticed HUGE gains in acceleration, ability to pull a taller gear when the spread was just alittle to far with stock gearing, climbing hills, deep sand etc.

the 13/50 left 1, 2nd a little to low and tight(shifting through them too fast for the motor to even get a chance to pull) for my liking and lost about 8-10 mph, so I think the 14/52 combo will be a perfect compromise.

14/50= 3.57 ratio

13/50= 3.85

14/52= 3.71

I can't say enough about the lower ratio though.

14/50 = Sometimes I'd be plonking aroud in 4th at low rpm them come up to a log and the motor wouldn't have quite enough throttle response to pick up the frt whl.

13/50 would lift the frt end right now in 5th in the same situation.

I almost had to be careful cause the lower gearing turned it into the wheelee monster- would lift the frt end like my cr500 does-YEEHAA :D:)

I found the 13/50 gearing perfect for MX too, I would only use 3 and 4th gear to circulate the entire track!!

:D :D

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