2014 YZ450f clutch basket replacement



I recently discovered that my clutch basket is worn out , and i thought i would replace it with a hinson or wiseco clutch basket my main question is will an aftermarket cluch hub with with all the stock components (inner hub,plates,springs,etc) or would i need to replace all clutch components to aftermarket, the oem doesnt sell the clutch hub alone in comes as a whole component so for the same price i could just get a stronger after market if it fits


thank You,

The driven gear assembly is not the "clutch hub".  That would be the clutch boss, #5 in your picture.


Aftermarket baskets use the OEM driven gear and cushion assembly, and in order to replace it, you need to drill off the heads of, and drive out the OEM rivets that hold the basket to the gear.  The new basket is bolted in place with bolts that are supplied.  USE RED LOCTITE. 


It is also necessary to press out the kick start drive gear from the basket, and press it into the new one.  Just a small press is needed, and you can get around having to have one for the installation by using a little heat and a bolt, nut, and a pair of large washers or plates. 


The aftermarket baskets will accept all of the remaining OEM clutch parts.  

How many hours did you get out of it?

Thank you for your response and help , i meant the clutch basket and not the hub the hub is fine just the basket is worn out and needs replacement as for the Hours  i Have 55 hours on the meter but i never ride track  only use it for the desert/dunes

Anyone know if the cusion assembly can b purchased separately and where could I buy it

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