Does any one have Axo RC -5 Boots?

They have a good deal on these boots at Bob's cycle they are 149.00 down from 230.00 are they any good and how do they run, I personally hate the feel of Alpinstar tec 8's so if they are a touch softer thats OK. If I normally wear a 10 do I buy a 11, 10, or 9.

To me, the Axo's seem like...I don't know....Answer gear??

My Alpinestar Tech 7's, bright red w/ Neon Yellow, looked great in 1993, but not in the last several years...

I DID buy Axo's @ Bob's!

I have not spent huge amounts of time in them. I (tried) to break them in at the Annual East Coast Thumpertalk ride at Rocket Raceway in PA. I AM happy w/ them. I do have Alpinestars on my mind...and was bummed Bob's had the Tech 6's for ~$170.00.

I believe it was that did an eval on the Axo's & was impressed. But w/ all the Payola that goes on in every frickin industry known to man...who knows? :)

Like I said, I AM happy w/ them! :D

I USE to live in and race AMA District 23 in Minnesota. I remember when Bob's was a tiny shop just down the road from their big place now. Whenever I go back to MN to visit family, I ALWAYS go to Bob's!!

I picked up a pair from for 129.00

The fit is nice and secure. They do an excellent job keeping the water out. It's a good boot for the cost.

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