input on hot cams stage I or II for 650r

I am partial to HRC products! but am curious to hot cams performance and reliability? anyone have any input? thanks :)

I just installed the stage I cam on my 650r and only have about 100 miles on it so far. The quality of the cam seems pretty good and the performance is alright. It's only a small improvement above the stock piece with an increase in duration on both the intake and exhaust but no additional lift. Only time and miles will tell as to the durability.

I have the Barnumspro cam- its similar to the stage two.

Stage one will give ya more on the bottom. Two winds out more-so more on the top.

IF you go with the extreme cam you might want to watch for piston/valve issues....the Ross piston is the best in this case. I had to modify the OEM piston with some significant grinds to get clearance!

Either cam gives LOTS of power up. Highly recommended mod.

Ditto regarding jbrown404 with my stage 1 Hotcam. Its a quality product and gave me a bit more midrange and a good reason to get rid of my auto decompressor :)

I have the Hotcam Stage 1. No need to change any other parts just install and enjoy. It seems to give me more grunt power, you really feel the difference in the sand. My buddy who also rides a XR650R says he rides a gear higher when he rides my bike. He plans on intalling a Hotcam stage 1 for his next mod. I too have found I shift less since intalling it and I rarely hear the counter balance bang even when I lug the bike. It is a nice improvement.

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