Ais removal massive issues

Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum, and i havent quite found the info i was looking for yet in a previous thread, so i figured id start a new one.

So heres the lowdown:

I have an 07 Wr450, mostly stock other than a couple little upgrades. I recently did the ais removal, and now im having a huge issue with high idle now that i did it. That being said i have tried different jetting, to no avail.. the bike idles extremely high (as in almost in the 1/2 to 3/4 throttle area as far as rpms go.) When i did all the carb jetting i also put a slide needle in out of an 08 yz so i would have the adjustable e-clip positions, and when i did that the throttle got rolled the wrong direction and i seem to have bent the little metal rocker deal that connects to the rod for the accelerator pump. Now i did straighten it out as best i could, but when the whole thing got put back together it idles high like i mentioned before. Could it be a problem with my tps? Or something mechanical that got ruined when i bent those parts in the carb? Anybody that has any ideas/tips/advice to share, olease feel free to throw it out there as i am currently at a stand still, and i really.. REALLY dont want to buy a new carb, or a used one off ebay for $350 if i dont have to.

You must have removed the throttle wheel, which you don't need to do.


Wait for William1 to repsond, as he is very good explaining how to re-calibrate the slide/throttle wheel mechanics.


I don't know what 'metal rocker deal' you are talking about, as the apump linkage is plastic.


Look through here for more details...

I don't know what 'metal rocker deal' you are talking about, as the apump linkage is plastic.

I have news for you: This part of the AP linkage is steel:




When you "rolled the throttle in the wrong direction", was the TPS mounted or dismounted?  If it was still mounted, it's possible that it became damaged.


But first, look at the throttle linkage where the idle speed stop screw hits it.  Is the idle speed screw in contact with the linkage?  Does the linkage stay in contact when you back the screw out?  If so, you probably just have to turn it down more.  If not, something else is holding the idle up.

Sorry guys. Yes the tps was still on, but i have heard that you dont even need a tps and can run without it. and what was bent is the the little metal piece near the a-pump linkage. It has a small adjustment screw with a spring connected to it if that helps at all, should have clarified that. And when the throttle got rolled backwards, i actually wasnt there to see it, my mechanic friend that helps me out with some of my bike troubles was tinkering with it, so all of this info is kind of coming from him, i just went and got my bike back and tore back into it so im kind of seeing it second hand and trying to figure out what happened.

In any case, start by determining whether anything is physically holding the throttle shaft off the idle speed screw, and go from there.

I have news for you: This part of the AP linkage is steel:


You have news for me ?

I have news for you: This part of the AP linkage is steel:


Gray....on the top picture you posted, item #2 is plastic and the steel rod with the round ball end hooks into the plastic piece and goes down into the accelerator pump diaphram (which I am sure you know).  And, I suspect that is what Krannie is talking about given that the OP said AP linkage  --- but frankly without pics it is really hard to tell what is bent or jacked up.


p.s.  OP...not sure I would let this "mechanic" friend work on your bike anymore.  AIS removal  is very simple, not sure how he messed that up.

Item 3 in the top picture and again in the second as item 2 is steel.

GR just likes to bust my chops

To re-initialize the slide, it is very well explained in the owners manual and in the sticky at the top of the foprum RE: 'dreaded bog'

Once the slide re-initialized and AP set, then you should reset the TPS per the manual.


Many parts of the carb are dependent on other parts (like playing Jenga). You must work in the proper sequence.

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