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Ordered everything I need for my 2015 TTR 230, gonna bang out all the mods at once!

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I know I'm probably dumb to do this, and most of you will probably say "just save your money for a new bike". However, I just bought this TTR 230 brand new, from the dealer, with a 5-year warranty on it, and I still have a lot of learning to do! Therefore, I've decided to spend a little extra money on this bike in order to make it the best it can be.

All the stuff I ordered was:

1.) Headlight kit for $100

2.) #38 main and #130 pilot (or vise-versa...can't remember off the top of my head) for about $26

3.) Big Gun Evo full exhaust for $415

4.) Battery tender leads for $12

5.) 14T countershaft sprocket for $20

I'm considering getting a 46T aluminum rear sprocket, but I wanna see how just doing the 14T in the front affects my ride. A lot of people are going with the 15T up front, but then you can't get the c/s cover back on. Therefore, I may compensate by altering the rear instead to achieve the same ratio as just doing the 15T up front.

Hopefully this 'wakes this bike up' a bit. Compared to my motorcycles and quad, this thing is just....slow as balls! It's still fun as hell nonetheless, but I really wouldn't mind having a bit more power :).

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