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Wiring a relay

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I was wondering if some kind person with a bit more know-how could help me with this relay for my auxiliary LED lights. I did this once before on my old bike, but the instruction on this relay seem a bit more technical.  I am wiring the relay to the high beams on my 500 EXC, so that the come on with the high beam, but don't overload from the stock circuit.  The LED's are ADVMonster 60 floods, and pull 2.4 amps each, for a total of 4.8 amps.  The Directed Electronics 8616 Mini Relay is rated at 10 amps, so I should be good for capacity.
If I am reading this right:
Black - ground
Red - fused line to the battery
Yellow - tapped into the high beam
Brown - positive wire to LED's
negative wire from LED's to ground.
Does that sound right?


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86 (Red) goes to your OEM high beam wire.

85 (Black to ground)

Energizes the relay when your high beam is switch on.


87 (Brown) goes to the posiitve of your LED lighting.

30 (Yellow) goes to your battery and should be fused

Switches on lighting when the relay is energized


Ground (negative) wire of the lighting goes to a good ground (not on the forks, to the frame or the battery).


This choice in wiring assumes most of the time, you run the low beams on your bike.

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Tech it would work but the relay would be on all the time.  You want to control the relay with 85 or 86.  So what I would do assuming the output from the high beams is +pos. 


85 Red -    + Control from High Beam circuit

86 Black -  - Groound (you can run the led ground with this and ground at the same point)

87 Brown - + input from Fused + source

30 Yellow -  + output to Led lights


87a Orange is not used in this circuit


Wiring it this way will not only allow the relay to do it's job by turning on and off but you are taking the lighting load for the led's off the high beam circuit and creating another circuit for the led's.  When you turn your high beams on the coil in the relay will energize making a connection from 87 to 30.  When your high beams are off the coil isnt energized and the relay returns to its resting state.  Hope this helps!

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