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250EXC 5th gear swap or whole transmission

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After a reasonably successful season in speed hill climbs in the UK (my lad was 2nd in the 250 class) I finally got round to getting the 09 250EXC road legal. Nailed the lights back on, swapped in the big wheels and got an MoT. Then I put some cheap Maxxix road legal supermoto tyres on a spare pair of 17s and took it out for the longest ride I've ever had on it. On 14/40 sprockets it's great fun, but it confirmed the huge gap between 4th and 5th that my lad was complaining about. It makes optimum gearing tricky for the longer hills where 80+ mph is the target.


So is it possible to swap just the 5th gear internal ratios or perhaps fit the whole transmission from an SX or XC ?


Probably better looking for a complete engine or bottom end if all the box internals are needed. That wouldn't be too bad an idea as the current one has over 100 hours on it and I'm planning to get a strip and check before seeking a bit more top end power with a hotter head (SX, SXS or perhaps VHM).



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