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2006 Honda crf250r Maintenance

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Thats kind of a loaded question, there is regular maintenance(oil, air filter, valve checks, tire pressure, etc) and then there is hondas service life for specific parts. You will have to change out the piston, crank, valves, bearings, carb cleaning and tuning, all at certain intervals or risk catastrophic failure. That is the same with just about every bike though, 4Ts are more work to maintain because they have more moving parts but it isnt that bad if you can turn a wrench yourself.

Basically everything needs to be maintained, if you dont want to have to worry about as much get an old xr or even a 2t as they are cheaper to rebuild. Ive had my bike 2 years and Ive seen every part on it at least once, including a complete engine rebuild as preventative maintenance. Like I daid that is with almost all mx bikes; they are race bikes that arent designed to go hundreds of hours without major maintenance.

What kind of riding do you do, how good are you mechanically and what does your wallet look like? If you are breaking the bank to just get the bike, and a rebuild would put you on the couch for a while saving up for parts dont do it.

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