Group Buy on Thunder Alley???

I would be willing to organize it amd try to negotiate a price if there was a big enough interest. I would think if we got 10 or more we would be in a bargining position.

I would be interested in a TA pipe. Since I am stationed overseas I would also be looking for any kind of assist in getting it ceramic coated. Any ideas?

I am interested if Bob can fab up a TA that will fit the tapered pipe (b/c my stock pipe is all wadded up LOL)! It needs to be the same size as stock but without the gasket! Let me know what he says, if we have enough interested buyers! Thanks,


I am interested. I was about to order. I'll wait and see what you find out.

I'm sold on the pipe and would love to get in on a group buy. Let us know what you find out!

I would be in for the group buy....however.....these are hand built and he never stocks more than a few at a time. Might be a waiting game for 10 or more.

I'd like to hear what they say about a group buy.

My friend just got his. It's pretty cool.

There is a guy here in TX that ceramic coats. If I get one, I'll get it coated.

Thanks and keep me informed.

I sent an email to Thunder Alley last Friday and will let you know when I hear something.

Motoman... I will check to see if they can make the inside diameter large enough to fit the tapered header pipe. Please measure the ouside diameter of your tapered pipe at the clamping location for the muffler. Did you notice a power increase with the tapered header?

Gunner... I was going to paint the steel portion of the muffler with high heat paint. Is there an advantage to ceramic coating?


I suggest you guys get in line now before the lead times get too long and the cost goes up. If I were him, I would milk $100 more out of this pipe. They are all hand made and tested. My buddy bought one. The power increase is incredible. His profit is not very large so he probably won't deal to much.

Geeez Shaun - If bob from thunder alley reads your post he's liable to up the price!

The problem with a bulk buy from Bob is, he is a one man shop. His pipes arent mass produced. Unless he teaches his sales guy to weld, he doesn't have any help. Bob usually makes his pipes to order. So getting ten might be too ambitious. Bob told me that it takes him 4 1/2 hours to hand make the muffler/meg. section. He also told me he stopped makin the header because he has so many orders that he cant build the pipes fast enough. When he was building the header too, he said it took him 9.5-10 hours for the whole thing. For the money, Bobs pipe are a steal compared to what else is out there. Take it easy on ole' Bob. He builds a quality piece. Ya ought leave him alone ta do so. just my $.02

This is just extra verification of what Shawn said above. Bob told me the exact same thing in reference about being made to order etc.

p.s. don't get him pissed off before my pipe is made this week :)

You guys are right, Bob is a real nice guy and he does not want to upset anyone that has already bought a Thunder Alley by discounting for a group buy. It was worth a try and it sounds like it is a great performance improvement so we shouldn't mind paying full price.

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