New exhaust for 2012 WR450

I'm looking to replace my current header and muffler on my 2012 WR450. The OEM muffler has split and is in rought shape. The OEM header isn't that great too, it has been pressed up against the engine and has a good kink in it. Besides the normal dings.


I'm thinking of getting an FMF Q4 Hex S/A muffler and the FMF powerbomb header. What do people think of this setup? I'll look for some sort of protection for the header. I had no quarels with the stock muffler and header, but OEM prices are way too expensive.

I have an FMF Powercore 4 on my 2007, it sounds pretty nice, but isn't too loud, so I imagine the q4 would be even better, not sure about the header though as I have never installed an aftermarket header on a 4 stroke before.

I run the FMF Q4 and MegaBomb Ti header.  I like the sound, not too much louder than stock (with the reducer removed).  With the map I run, the motor feels great with plenty of snap. Over time the Ti has turned a nice shade of blue.

That pipe is fine.

You have or have not gone with the GYTR ECU and tuner ?

I have the GYTR ECU and tuner.

I have the FMF stainless Megabomb with FMF Q4 Hex SA on my 2014 and the bike just breathes and sounds so much better. Not sure how the new header compares to the stock one or to the Powerbomb because I replaced the silencer and header at the same time. But I imagine just by looking at the new header that I'm getting considerably more flow. I would call FMF and ask them about the questions you have directly if I were you. But I am very happy with my setup.

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