Needle Valve Seat - 08YZ450f

Hey guys, i have gas leaking out from the bottom of the bowl hose. 100% sure that its the o-ring on the needle valve seat, before i attempt to pull it out as i might mess it up seat in doing so, i am searching for a replacement valve seat but am coming up with no luck. I called local yamaha dealer but because there is no part # they cant help. I've emailed over 10 sellers on ebay but each one does not have the seat as part of the kit. 


where can i find the seat??



That is because along about '04 or '05, the needle seat became a press fit, non-serviceable part.  (wasn't my idea)  There is no O-ring, and they do not generally leak there.  You can test by plugging the needle socket with some appropriate small rubber plug and connecting the carb to a fuel line.


More often, it's the needle that leaks, or occasionally a defective or binding float.

JD Jetting sells a replacment seat kit.


You need a small slide hammer to get out the old one

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