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Over adjusted valve will it hurt the engine

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Hello. I have a 2012 Honda crf250r that I just adjusted the valves. I decided to give it a little more gap to the intake then the specs call for.

Tolerance is .005 plus or minus one on intake

I have it set for .008. It has a lot of compression now and it worries me

Anyone have any experience doing this??

Will it hurt the engine??

I need facts on the matter not speculation.

I did this because the valves are starting to cup and will need replaced soon. I set them like this to get a little more time before having to readjust them since they are cupping. As we all know once they start cupping it doesn't take long to ha e to readjust them again. So I did this to save me having to go back in it next week. Before I replace the valves.


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