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1993 Honda XR200R bearings kit/list

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Hey guys, I've recently been given a 1993 Honda XR200R. When I received it it was in pieces, the previous owner had broken the clutch basket pressure plate and didn't have the motivation or money to replace it, or put the bike back together. I've already bought a new clutch basket,a new cylinder because there was a deep gash in the old cylinder wall, a new piston, and new cam timing chain guide. I'm almost ready to start putting it all back together, all I need is to get all new bearings (only for the engine) because all the old bearings are shot, and a full gasket kit. My question is, does anybody know of an engine bearing kit that comes with all the bearings for the engine, or can you list out all the bearings and their part numbers needed for the engine? Thanks!







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