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2005 WR450F Jetting

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Hi All,


Recently picked up a 05 WR450F here in Brisbane, Australia. It has had a rebuild and just checked the valve clearances and they are spot on. 


Now that the valves have been checked and are in spec, I will be tearing down the carbs for a clean and adjust the jets as it was running badly because the guy didn't know what he was doing. 


Anyways I'm hoping someone can give me a tip on where I can start with the following mods, and ill be using a JD jetting kit if that helps. 


Year: 2005
Model: WR450F
Grey Wire Mod: Yes
TPS Connected: No
Airbox Snorkel/Lid: Removed

RHS Air box cut outs: Yes
AIS Removed : Yes
Airfilter Brand: Unifilter
Exhaust Brand: FMF Powercore 4 muffler, with standard WR headers
Average Altitude: Just above sea level, so barely anything?
Average Temperature: 27 degrees celcius or 80.6 F*
Average Humidity: 60%


Appreciate the help in advance :)


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Thanks dude, that helps a lot. After I had posted this I found that Jetting database post here on TT which really helped. 

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