YZ timed / YZ un-timed

YZ timed my WR, rode it through the woods for 20 min, went home and changed it back. I lost my low end. Especially in 3rd. Did I do something wrong? I am also running 14/52 gearing. It ran great when kept up in the rev's but really sucked down low in tight situations.

You need to do the RADICAL REJET. The amount of low end I have now is wicked brutal, but not in a baaaaad way. Get the airscrew from Sudco, an EKP/N/FHP needle and get your hidden performance. Sudco is only a phone call away!

Plus, I think it's in your head, anyways :)

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No F N rejet. Last I recall, you couldn't even keep up with me on my TTR250 :D! So keep your rejet and noisy pipe. :)

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