400 Advice wanted for full freshen up

Ok guys some of you may know that my bike should be opened up to see where the metalic junk is comeing from and if for nothing else just to check it all out/freshen it up


so its a 99 400F at leat 10/15K on it several owners before me since i got it ive done a bunch of oil changes the first one there was a bunch of debris on the filter but after changeing the oil about 4 times and cleaning the filter cech time its cleaned up a lot but there is still a metalic haze in the oil


soon ill be brakeing the bike down and plan to replace every bearing in the bike and if i can get it crank rod cylender piston maby gear set if the parts are avalbile


ive never build a bike only cars so im not new to engines im sure most of it allpys for bikes so wat im really asking for hear is advice on what parts are known to be trublesome and and what branks or places to buy the qulity parts from i dont want to put junk parts in there the end resolt should be a bike thats built better than yanaha did in the first place thats my goal a better than new bike or close to it


ill have about 3 months to get this done correctly due to a suspended license.. 


so as far as tools go ill need a clutch basket holding tool but what other tools are needed to do it correctly?


besides getting it out of the bike and on the bench im not sure what ill need



What do you mean by metallic haze in the oil?


 How is the compression?


Have you done Leak down test?


How does it run/sound?


 I have a '99 400 with about 16K and years of HARD, slow speed (1st and 2nd gear mostly) miles on it. It got retired to street and DS duty when I got a newer one several years back that has a button (electric start).


 I ride the 400 mostly around town or for short trips to buddies houses and such and it still starts easy, runs strong,  has no issues, and is just a hoot on the street.


 The notors and trannys are pretty bullet proof unless abused or neglected.


 If it still runs strong, and has no issues, I would not go looking for a problem.

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