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Questions about CRF80/CRF100 parts interchangeability

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OK, my 80cc engine seems pretty solid, but the carburetor is a Chinese knock off, and the intake adapter is torn. The 100 engine top end is trashed, but the carb and intake adapter are good.

I know that people say the 100 carb is a good upgrade for 80s, but what is the best way to go about mating it to the 80 head? I see that the 100cc intake mounts to the 80 head, but it uses an O-ring for sealing instead of a gasket. Should I use a gasket and O-ring? BTW, port matching is not on the table at this time.

What jetting is best for this carburetor with the 80? Will stock jets be close? The engine is unmodified at the his point, and the only other Mod that it may get is a stock 100 camshaft.

Next question. The oil pump from the 100 is in good condition, would there be any benefit to mounting it in the 80cc engine?

Are there any other parts from the 100cc engine that the 80cc could benefit from? maybe the clutch? Thanks.

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