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2013 kx250f engine noise under load

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I bought my bike with around 19 hours on it put a lot of hours on the track and it's now at 38 hours and just recently been noticing some noise in the engine but at idle it's fine just the normal noise it's been making since I got it but once you're in gear and moving its makes a ticking noise...so I took the valve cover and to check the valves thinking their would be to big of a gap between the valve buckets and cam lobes (because that would make a annoying ticking noise) but when I checked them the gap on all four valves where .10 MM....I found this very strange. Their was no discoloration on the bucket or cams from over heating...I'm going to order new shims to make valves to spec but I'm worried they will just go out of spec because of other forums I've read about this year with valve issues...would this be making the noise? Also chain and chain tensioner is fine...I'm pretty positive it's something with valves an idea what else could be making this noise? Would I need to replace valve seats or valves themselves? Anything will help :)

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