Question about springs

I used the race tech calculator to see what it recommended for springs for my weight.

Stock fork sprigs are .47, RT recommends a .468

Stock Shock spring is 5.7, RT recommends a 6.0

I entered a body weight of 205, 30-44 years old, intermediate trail/enduro rider, standard height, oversize fuel tank.

Just looking for a second opinion on the fork springs. Based off the RT calculator they should be good. I'm just not understanding why the shock is that far off and the fork is almost perfect.

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What bike?

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What bike?

2013 yz450

Try the Factory Connections calculator

I put in my riding weight, fully geared up and I get a higher spring rate, which after setting the sag, proves to be and turns out to be more appropritate

Factory Connection doesn't have an online spring rate calculator, so I sent an email and asked what they would recommend. Here is their reply


Thanks for the e-mail.

        I would agree with the STD .47kg fork springs.

Shock Spring we'd use 6.1kg     We do not make a 6.0kg  I think the 6.1kg is

perfect for you.

Rider Sag 106mm is what we recommend.

Part # ALS-0061   - Shock Spring, FC 6.1kg $119.95

I called FC yesterday for spring recommendations, (2016 yz450,weight 195, motocross) they told me that stock fork springs are fine .51 and I need to go stiffer on shock spring to 6.0, stock is 5.7. I didnt ask them, but wonder why yamaha would make a bike with an unbalanced suspension?

Bought the 6.1 from Factory Connection. Went for a ride Saturday and pretty happy with it. Bike was good before, but is just generally better all around now. Lot more confidence in the bike now.

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