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MY 2016 ride report...

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I just wanted to give everyone a take on my 2016 KX 450F (ride report).  I get a new bike every year (as you could see from my signature line) and I'm coming off of a 2015 RM 450.  Most of those mods I do to every bike, every year.  I never ride a bike close to stock.  I've become very picky over the years on the way I want a bike to feel.  The suzuki was a great bike.  I was looking for a better engine/ better straight line high speed stability (the suzuki will buck you)/ lighter bike….I chose the 2016 KX 450F, and after todays ride, I cannot be happier.


*My initial ride (100% bone stock just to break in) was so-so.  My stock Suzuki engine felt stronger than this bikes engine, and cornered better.  The bike felt amazing light however, and just needed some work in some areas to bring it up to speed.



The following is a list of significant mods that I have made to the bike.  I won't bother to list the little stuff (foot pegs, etc).


-Tokyo Mods ECU remap (stock gearing)

-FMF 4.1 (megabomb system/ pipe)

-Twin Air power flow kit

-Factory Connection suspension set up for 205lbs/ Vet B rider

-Ride Engineering 21.5 offset clamps (23 is stock)


Engine-  I never really thought how much difference a simple re-map (I selected "aftermarket exhaust" and "pump" gas on their website) would make a difference.  The engine was almost 'scary' fast.  Low/mid were most notably improved.  The engine was probably one of the best I have ridden (even compared to the '12 KX, or the '14 YZ).  I believe the remap/ pip combo is a must for this bike.  I did not want to use the aggressive couple because you lose top end.  I did not want to change stock gearing (go up a tooth) because I did not want to lose top end.  I want the bike to perform the way it should.  It was really just the remap.  I CANNOT wait to run VP T4 in this bike.


Suspension-  In stock trim for me, it was absolutely awful.  The air pressure recommendations (that I've even seen on this forum from some other fast guys) do not work right, because the valving is off for me.  I HIGHLY recommend Factory Connection.  Plug it in and ride…its that good  (173/ 14/ 203)…that was the PSI for my valving with 105 sag.  You do not need a lowering link for this bike.


Triple Clamps-  Even when I rode the bike stock, the bike cornered just fine (close….but not as good as my suzuki though….).  I called Ride and they offered the 21.5's.  To be quite honest, I needed these like a hole in my head initially.  When I rode the bike today, I really thought it now cornered just as good as my suzuki, except that it had the amazing strait line stability that my suzuki did not.  I also believe the re-valve helped in this area as a complete package.  I also highly recommend these.


I know I've spent a lot of money on this bike, but I honestly feel like this might be the first bike I keep for a few years.  Coming off of a 245lb suzuki to a 230lb kawi….Holy crap I cannot express how much I notice the bike being light and nimble (just another confidence thing).


Anyway….this is of course just my .02  :)






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