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Help with XR650R steering lock removal

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Hello, here's my problem, I own a 2001 XR650R (Australian version, U).

I bought it about 6 months ago and have managed to jump through lots of hoops to get it road legal.

The previous owner did not supply me with a key for the steering lock.

So, I thought I would remove the lock barrell and take it to the locksmiths to either get a key cut or buy a replacement barrell with a key.

But here's the thing, I can't figure out how to remove the lock barrell.

I have drilled off the head of the rivet that held a washer over the end of the lock barrell, thinking that was what is holding the barrell in, but it won't come out. The barrell seems to not be seized, I can push it in a little, feels like it is pushing against a spring. Moves in and out a few mm freely.

I've looked at parts lists and can't see the lock listed, maybe because mine is the Austrailian version.

Any help from someone experienced would be much appreciated. I am hoping that it's not going to require removing the whole headset assembly to get to the other side of it.

I know people say the steering locks are not very strong and shouldn't be relied upon, and I get that (I have another enormous lock for proper security) but I am trying to get this bike back to original factory state and I'm a bit fussy about stuff all being as it should be.

I've attached a couple of photos.

Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided.




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Take the bike to the locksmith,,,don`t screw arround with it or you`ll screw it up,,a good locksmith will cut a key on the spot


with no issues....



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I've never done the 650R lock but I have done one of a similar style before.  I'm pretty sure that the lock cannot be removed intact without the original key for it.  The service manual for the R(U Model) doesn't mention anything about how to remove it.  


The only way I've done it without the key it is to totally destroy the stock barrel by drilling a hole in the center of the key slot and letting the lock pins that are inside it drop into the drilled hole.  This releases the lock barrel.


I would probably ask someone that knows for sure how before I drilled it if I were you.


You shouldn't have a problem getting a key cut from code by a Honda dealer or a good locksmith.  All you typically need (at least here in the USA) is a VIN and proof of ownership.

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Thanks for your replies guys.

Blue Wing Honda (Honda Motorcycle Official New Zealand Importer/Distributor) can't help, they didn't import it, it was imported prvately from Austrailia, but I will take it to a locksmith and see what can be done.

If that doesn't work I may try contacting Honda Australia and see if they can help.

One of my customers is a New Zealand Honda Motorcycle dealer and he couldn't get a key for me.

When I was doing all the paperwork to get it road legal Blue Wing Honda looked up the VIN number on Honda Japans computer, they had a record of production with engine number and some other stuff but I'm not sure if they keep records about what key fits what VIN number. They were pretty helpfull.

That whole getting road legal thing was another very long story, can you believe that they check VIN number with Interpol, the Australian authorities, police, all sorts of hoops to jump through. I guess I can understand why, it would be too easy to steal an unregistered dirt bike and send it to another country and no-one would know, especially as I had no import papers from the previous owners that I could track back to. They must of found a paper trail because they knew the milage of the bike when it left Australia.


I will post again once I have an outcome with the lock.


You never know, someone else may be having the same issues.

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