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12-56 gearing too low? For a 150f

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So while I am getting my jetting sorted out and the bike is in my garage I am going to get a new rear sprocket. Its a 05 150f. Bike was always too anemic in 1st gear so I changed out the 13 for a 12 front. That was pretty good but my girlfriend wants more power down low now. We ride single track (with this bike) and it never sees higher than 2nd gear right now on the trail, and only 4th on the road getting back to the truck. She also is always in the higher end of 1st doing most trails or hill climbs. She wants at least as much change as I did last time, more if I could but to still make 1st useable and have enough power in 2nd for hill climbs. 


So I was going to attempt to make 1st gear super low for tight technical slow things and try to make second low enough to be her main trailer gear because its a little wider than first. And that way she could get into 5th on the road as well and have a use for every gear. She a 5'4" rider at 140lbs if that helps with this assessment.


I was also wondering when I buy a new chain how many master links I need to buy to make that 56 work. I dont mind making this bike super slow and useable for only this because she has a cr80 we use for fast and at the dunes.


This is a random video off a youtube but it shows the single track stuff in the area we do



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