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CTX 200

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Hi Guys,

My name is Eric, I'm a first time poster from South Africa and would like to thank you for the forum and for any feedback I may receive here. 

I also just want to apologize for posting CTX 200 related questions under the XR/CRF 80-200 forum space but I could not find a CTX forum segment and I understand the CTX 200 engine is very similar to the XR 200 engine.


Bike: CTX 200 four stroke engine.

So on to my problem, and let me start with a bit of history:

About 4 years ago I purchased the CTX 200 Bushlander, my first motorbike, to use for driving to work and back for about a month the bike drove fine and then on the way home the one day smoke starts pouring out the back of the bike, at this point I do a dumb thing and drive the bike a further 20Km's to my house without the bike giving any problems other than the smoke coming out of the bike.

I took the engine out intending to have the engine sent in to be looked at but ended up moving house before sending the engine in and then I had financial troubles and couldnt afford to fix the bike. A few months ago I took the engine to somebody who opened the engine for me, told me that the engine needed to be re-bored and fitted with a new piston. So I took the engine to a bike shop and they told me that the previous people had the wrong size piston, to small, in the engine.

The piston was re-bored and the correct piston purchased to go with the newly bored engine. I then took everything back to the guy who had stripped the engine, he assembled the engine and set the timing according to the timing diagram we found for the CTX. 

On this last Saturday I eventually put the engine back into the bike , put 900ml (1 quart) of oil in the bike as per the CTX owners manual, and after three kicks started my CTX for the first time in 4 years. The engine sounds ok except for there was some smoke coming out of the exhaust and I can hear a metal tick that sounds like metal hitting metal.

I took the bike out the gate and drove the bike about 400 meters up and down the street and its clear the bike has no power, cant get over 40Km's hour in fifth gear and as soon as I let of the throttle the bike dies.

I took the bike straight home and have not started the bike since. 


So the current situation is:

The bikes engine is in

The bike has driven about 400 meters (give or take about 50 meters)
There is a audible ticking sound in the engine (like metal hitting metal)
The bike has no power
The engine dies as soon as the throttle is closed

The battery needs to be replaced after standing for 4 years without a recharge

My questions are:

1. Is there something I should be aware of when putting in the engine, that I might have missed? 
   I did take extensive photos when I took the engine out and put the engine back in even better state than when I took the engine out. Turns out there were engine mounting parts missing from the previous owner that I had to purchase to put the engine in properly. I also made 100% sure that the oil levels were correct before starting the engine and the engine is air cooled so there is no radiator to be concerned about. 


2. To bring down costs can I open the engine and repair myself?
   I've never done this but am willing to get my hands dirty and I dont shy away from doing my own handy work, I do my own vehicle service, change brakes, cv joints etc. etc. but have never opened up a engine myself. I understand that any boring, re-sheaving would have to be done by the engineering works but the taking apart, re-assembly would be done by myself. 

3. Is there anything that the guy who put the engine together could have missed during the assembly of the engine?
   My biggest concern is that the timing might have been of and that has now caused damage, this makes the most sense as (and correct me if I'm way off course here) that would explain the metal hitting sound and surely the timing could affect whether the valve is partially open during a compression cycle and lead to compression bleed.

4. Is there anything from a electrical perspective that could cause these problems? 
   This seems unlikely as, thanks to the volumes of photos I took, I made sure that everything I disconnected was reconnected in the form of wiring. Also I cannot see how the electrical system could make the metal hitting metal sound.

5. What do think could be causing the metal hitting metal sound and the compression problems?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I'll prefer not to put a new engine in because South African law is a ball ache when it comes to registering new engines.

Regards, Eric 

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I would start with #3 first and check the valve timing. 


If there is very little clearance between rocker arm and cam, this would explain your problem. 


First remove the spark plug, as it will be easier to hand push the kicker so it you will be able easier to rotate the motor. 


Remove both the exhaust and intake valve tappet covers and check for play in the rocker arm, as you rotate the motor in several places. 


If the rocker arm is not movable, then you have very little if any clearance and you need to reset the clearances to .05 mm on intake and .08 mm on exhaust.


If there is noticeable up and down play, then you might have to look elsewhere, but double check your clearances while you are in there. 



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