dent in exhaust

well, i was riding today. Really a new rider in the dirt. got rid of street and got into dirt. still not all the way comfortable with the 426 but decided to hit some burms today after only been trail riding. well since i don't have a clue to what i am doing i dumped the bike a couple times, no big deal just learning and didn't hurt anything. well the last time i dumped it i broke off my brake lever and put a dent in the bend of the primary exhaust. the dent is half way through the pipe about 2" long from a root, it also has a slight kink where the pipe goes under the radiator.

can i hurt my motor with the restricted air flow? where can i get the cheapest part of the exhaust to fix the problem?

what year is your bike. I just got a new pipe and would be willing to sell the old head pipe.


try Motoman393's web page.

I posted some pix on here under the title "pipe fixer upper" or something like that.

393 was cool enuf to post the pix on his page!

Very simple and it will save you a couple of buX!!!!

Either do a search on pipe fixer or go to 393's web-page! :)

it's a 2001 yz426f, do you know how much a new primary part of the exhaust is?

thanks for the help, will the resticted air flow hurt the motor. what is motomans393 web page address?


just curious kc husky, why would you want a bent header pipe?

I guess I'd take around $50 for it, although let me check around. I'll pm you tomorrow night.

let me know what you want for sure meangreen, i got to get it fixed

I just want to have a spare head pipe. I have been pron to bending mine. I figure, I can only repair mine a few times before the metal will be to distorted and soon I also figure it will crack from being heated up to much. :)

I also would like to buy a headpipe to put on my 98 yz400 so I wouldnt have to take mine loose to change the oil filter.

Thanks, Skip

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