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How should my clutch work?

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Total noobie so excuse the dumb questions -- but I have been working on getting a 2005 YZ250F that has been sitting a couple of years back in action.  I've rebuilt the carb and brakes and replaced some leaking radiators.  Now I'm wondering about the clutch....  when I have the bike on the stand and start it in gear, the back tire spins.  Pulling in the clutch lever doesn't cause the rear wheel to stop spinning..... shouldn't it?  I've tried tightening the cable as well as actuating the clutch arm with a wrench -- even when turning it as far as possible, it still doesn't seem to disengage or slow the rear wheel.


Is this just the way these bikes are and I really need put it on the ground to see if the clutch is working.... or do I have an issue?



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