2000 XR650R Test Ride and Leaking Oil


I test rode a 2000 XR650R today. It had the Pro Circuit T-4 silencer and Honda Power up kit. The bike felt great and I really liked everything about it. However, when I pulled up to the owner, he noticed it was leaking oil. We had a look and it had blown the counter shaft seal :)

I did a bit of research on this forum and have come to the conclusion that this is a problem a few other 2000 owners have experienced. Is this problem common to 2001 and newer bikes too, or just the 2000?


It's not a common problem, but Honda did redesign the c/s seal on 2002 and newer bikes. If the breather hose is pinched underneath the seat, then you'll also blow the c/s seal. If you overfill the bike with oil, then you could also potentially blow the c/s seal as well.

Wow thats new to me man, I have owned a 2000 model for almost three years now and never had the countershaft seal do that. I'll keep an eye on the breather hose under the seat like qadsan said, I didn't know about that.

If you didn`t see this in your research, the upgrade seal costs about five bucks. Its easy too install too. I overfilled mine on my first oil change and would occasionally observe a few drops of oil in the counter shaft,shifter area.

If you didn`t see this in your research, the upgrade seal costs about five bucks. Its easy too install too.

Thanks Larry. I know it's easy to fix but I'd really like to know if it also happens on 2001+ bikes since I've only heard owners of the 2000 model mention this seal failing. Anyone know?

Thanks again.

From the earliest magazine reviews of the 2000 XR650R (its first year) it was noted that some of the bikes had a seal that could go out. As was mentioned, Honda fixed the seals. Even though there was a weakness in the original 2000 seals not all bikes experienced the problem. I bought my first XR650R in Feb. 2000 the day they hit the showroom floor and put close to 5000 miles on it before I traded it in on a 2003 model off the showroom floor. I never experienced a seal failure. In fact I never had any problems with the bike. But I have a friend who's 2000 model blew the seal 2 months after he bought the bike off the showroom floor. I carry one of these seals in my front plate bag although I have never had to use it. :)

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