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Suzuki Another DRZ 400 no spark

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I don't mean to upset anyone about starting this post, but I have gone through everything I can find here and about everything that pops up searching DRZ 400 no spark. 


This bike is A 2004 DRZ 400 S and has had charging issues for a while, but seemed to be okay if I put it on a trickle charger once a week. The bike started a little slow the last time I took it out. When I tried to start it only a couple turns then it was time to push. I roll started it and it seemed to run alright for a few hundred feet but the light was very dim like it wasn't charging at all and running the battery down quickly. Throttle was very limited for the mile I rode it. As the light dimmed so did available RPM. I made back shut it off and of course it had nothing left to restart. I bought an electrosport stator and rectifier a few months ago when it showed signs of not charging well and never installed it because the trickle charger kept it going great. I proceeded to install the rectifier and the stator noticing the old stator had a few blackened windings and figured that was definitely the problem. I replaced the battery since it had been run down a few times and seemed weak. I now have no spark. It will spark 1 time when the ignition is turned back off. the clutch switch is bypassed the kill switch is functioning and the kickstand switch is working as it always has so it is not bypassed.  The I tested the stator (0.8, 0.9, 0.8 ohms between windings, open to ground), tested the rectifier and read about 0.5 on each phase to the appropriate charge wire reading only in proper polarity when checking diodes. The old one read about the same.  The pickup coil read 498 ohms between blue and green and open to ground, and the signal coil reads 0.8 ohms black to white and open to ground. The Coil reads 0.7 ohms on the primary and 15.65K on the secondary. The white wire from the CDI reads good continuity. I have tried a different CDI also. From what I gather from the manual these readings are within spec. I have tried to perform peak voltage test on these items and the reading were 0.64V on the signal, 35.6V on the pickup, 4.8-5.6V on the stator and 2.1V on the coil. These numbers were while cranking the bike. I used a Fluke 87III to test. I have never used the peak/max-min functions before and may have done something incorrect. All the voltage numbers don't fit. I used the meter per manufacturer directions.  I wouldn't think all three parts of the new stator kit be defective? Is there something else to check?   

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