XR-650L in the dunes at Glamis???

I am wondering how my 650L is going to do in the sand out in Glamis. I have never rode a bike in the sand dunes and am wondering how bad the weight is going to do? :D I have rode quads and three wheelers in the dunes and always wanted to do the bike, so nows my chance. :D I hope to have my new Dyno-jet kit installed, but if not my bike still has a ton of power. What size paddle would anyone recommend and how does the stock gearing work out??? :) Thanks in advance for any feedback :D

I've ridden my 650R at Glamis with fairly good results without a paddle tire. If I was going to use a paddle tire on a 650R or 650L, I'd probably choose an 8 cup. The slower the speed, the harder the bike is to ride in the sand, but once you get the speed up the bike will float & carve nicely. I usually don't ride higher up in the RPM range because letting off the throttle causes more engine braking which in turn causes the front to plow. You'll be fine if you keep the front end light and keep the speed up.

Oh man sand is a whole new experience no matter what you ride. Keep the throttle on and don't be so afraid to fall because you will. Your bike should have enough power but remember keep your speed up and the throttle open. I would also recommend a rear shock cover. Sand is nasty and gets in every crevice it can find. Have fun and watch that front end.

I would say use a 10 cup paddle, that's what I run on my 600 and it pulls fine. Just keep your speed up, lean back, air down the tires a bit, take off your front brake lever for that trip, and have fun! :)

I ride my 650R in dunes and soft sand tracks 95% of the time...and it's GREAT!!!

Michelin s-12, front and rear, great grip (about 10-11 psi) and wear fine as long as not near hard stuff!!!

Keep speeds up for best results...and more importantly F-U-N!! Damper helps....enjoy!! :)

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