02 wr426 give me your suggestions please!

Well I finally got outside and let my bike rip. I was very happy with it however I noticed an occational fairly healthy backfire on deceleration. I have done the BK mod and the ACV mod and everything else in the carb is stock. It ran very strong from bottom to top. It just has an occational backfire that I couldn't seem to get rid of with the fuel screw. It was fairly cold out when I rode and I know that leans it out some. So I guess my question is...Should I worry about it or should I just be happy with it? thanks in advance. :)

Like always, it is hard to be definitive without hearing it in person, but a handful of pops during deceleration is normal. It is possible to tune them out of existence, but then, in my experience, throttle response and rideability suffer (the bike becomes more stall-prone, for one thing).

This will vary according to the exhaust, I think an uncorked WR can is the worst in this regard w/ most of the louder aftermarket systems a close second and a stock YZ can in third.

So I wouldn't worry about it, particularly given the colder conditions.

Thanks, for your opinion. I will ride and be happy then!!! :)

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