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Bad stumble / stutter from nowhere

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My drz sm has developed a very bad stutter/ stumble , at steady throttle it feels like it almost dies then comes back it sometimes back fires a little too this happens in all gears at about 1inch from the closed position, it has run fine for over 5k , I removed the air box cover & it improves the throttle response but the stutter/ stumble is still there . The only 2 things that changed were the rear sprocket from a 39 t to a41 & the weather here droped about 20 f this week but it's still in the low 70s any input is greatly apricated Specs are. Cw 440 bb , stg 1hot cams , full yoshimora exhaust , drz e carb 155 main jet , 45 pilot jet , ocemp needle clip 3 , 2.25 turns on the fs , 65 starter jet , 60 pilot air jet , 200 main air jet bike has been ok for the last 5k then this came out of nowhere

In advance thanks for taking the time to help me out

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