Carb/throttle cable issue 2011 wr450 - Identify part

In the image, what exactly is the yellow circled part called.  I must be going crazy, manual seems to refer to it as throttle shaft assembly.  I need to replace it, the whole shaft if needed, or just the wheel portion if possible, but i cant seem to find the right part.


The red area circled is SUPER flimsy, to the point if i touch it, it folds half way over, definitely going to break.


What specifically is this called, or where can i get a replacement?




I don't think they sell that part. You might want to get a used YZ carb or take it to a welding shop and let them use a Tig welder to put a tack weld on it.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I did contact a local guy that sounds like he can TIG weld it for me.  Im in MN, its like 20 degrees F, and snowing today, so i have a few months before it matters i suppose!

It must be rusty, huh........

Nah, not a spot of rust on her.  


I did get it to a welder, stronger than it was from the factory now it seems.

That's the throttle shaft assembly.  Honda offers it for the '08 CRF450 among others, should be the same thing.  If not, Sudco will have it. 


But, if you look at how that's put together, I doubt there would be a problem as long as the red section either stays put or falls clear of everything when it drops off.  You probably could apply a dab of black silicon in the slot between the two cable barrels and go on with life with no worries, IMO.


Gluing a reinforcing strip of sheet metal over the weak area with JB is also a viable option if you watch the clearance.

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