Recommendations for Exhaust and Tires on the XR650R

As far as the dunlop 739AT tire goes I have one but took it off cause it did not do well in the sand. It is an awsome tire for rocky desert riding and it does not wear out quickly.

Anybody heard anything good on the Bridgestone 402? The local Tire shop here recommended them - I told them that I was looking for a Maxxis IT. I didn't want to wait mail order, so I think I'm going to try the Bridgestone's this weekend, unless I change my mind to the 756/739AT combo, but the only thing is that I do sand washes. Will this not hook up?

I'm happy with the Maxxis IT's in the desert, but my next tires will be the Kenda Carlsbad for the front and the Kenda Millville for the rear. I've been hearing some EXCELLENT reports about these tires being used in the deserts of SoCal, AZ, NV and in Baja.

You know, I have been picking up good vibes from the little bit I've heard about the Kenda's. I think I'll be trying a set very soon on my XR. Qadsan, tell me how you came up with the two different tire combo?

OOoops! Never mind. I guess I should have read the whole thread. Jumped the gun. If it's good enough for Mr. Barnum, it's good enough for me. I have also read that the kenda's are lighter than the Maxxis.

Qadsan, tell me how you came up with the two different tire combo?

Yeah, Rob told me about these and said he loved the Carlsbad up front and the Millville in the rear at 16 PSI. I haven't tried them yet as I should probably first deplete my inventory of a half dozen Maxxis IT's :)

Rob thought the Maxxis IT was only 'OK' compared to Kenda combo above, but I dunno. I really like the Maxxis IT's when aired down to 12 to 14 PSI compared to everything else I've tried so far. Rob & Baja Rudy are always on the gas at 100+ MPH across the deserts and their applications are different than mine. I'm mostly riding faster desert trails in 3rd/4th or tighter desert trails in 2nd/3rd as opposed to flat out hauling across the desert like Rob & Baja Rudy. At those speeds, tire temperatures become quite important and I'm not stressing the tires much in that way if you know what I mean :D

Cool! :)

I think I'm gonna order me up a Kenda set right pronto! Depending who I'm riding with, I push the spectrum from flat out desert straffing to plonking along all weekend with my daughter. I have been really happy with the Maxxis IT's. I'm currently running a Maxxis Sur Cross in the front and I think I would tell most people to pass on this skin. Been running the Maxxis tires at 14lbs front & 12lbs in the rear. The Kendas have a thinner side wall? Need to bump up the pressure? It's Kenda Time! :D

Actually the Kenda Carlsbads have a ribbed sidewall like the D606. Surprisingly beefy. The directionality of the tires is a cool set up also. Put it one way for rocks, another for looser stuff. I will need to do more development with the tire-how is it on long hot paved roads? how is it at 12psi? how is it on wet rocks?

But so far its all very good.

I bought mine from tire, good price.

Put it one way for rocks, another for looser stuff.

Wow, that's a lot of work to do on the trail... :)

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