New bike and first post

Just got an '04 450.

I'm quickly reading through past posts to find out more about these "free mods" :)

Found the service manual so that was a bonus.

Welcome to the board. Congrats on the virgin bike. I love vigins.

You made a good choice your bike will serve you well.

As far as free mods on a 04 not really sure. I own a 01 but the free mods on my bike worked out well for me.

Good luck and welcome aboard.

Got my 04 450 Friday .

Still waiting for road kit though should be here to-day monday.

Swapped bars,added frame guards/brush guards,rerouting breather pipe later

Welcome to TT and enjoy the new WR450! :)

I just picked up my first bike Too! 2002 WR426F with only 165 easy miles. I am just joining the sport and have signed up for this website. I am feverishly trying to understand these "free mods". I just rode it 2 miles yesterday and it seems very tame. Please help with the mods anyone! It appears I need to cut a gray and blue wire (both in different bundles) then lift the airbox lid, and pull out the exhaust baffle, install a yz throttle stop or cut mine. Some people say we need to get a YZ Cam but not sure it is necessary. Also, I am trying to decide which hand gaurds to buy. Any suggestions for trail riding?

Hi and welcome to TT, even though I am quite new to the forum my self I will tell you now that there is no were on the Internet like TT. The guys hear are so helpful with any problems or questions people have. :D

I just got my first WR400 on Saturday, it is a 99 model and needs a bit of TLC. i have it in about a thousand different bits at the moment because its secondhand and i didn't know how well the previous owner maintained it so i thought i will do a teardown before i ride it to much. the engine has just had a rebuild and hasn't even been broken in yet (what a bonus).

The free mods had all ready been done when I got it and the power is crazy, I just blipped the throttle and I was speeding down my garden on my back wheel. :D :D :D

Have lots of fun on that virgin machine and ride safe :)

Simon the MonK-E

Welcome aboard. :)


Welcome aboard. You picked a great bike :). Not sure of the free mods on the 450's but on my 400 holy crap. Huge difference. Good luck and enjoy.

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