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I think I may have found my new addiction

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You wouldn't think a 37 hp bike could be so much fun, especially after 11 years on a 100 hp sportbike...... but it really is! I'm pretty excited..... just got my KDX tagged through South Dakota.... Put on the Baja Designs dual sport kit and she's ready to go do some exploring on the many MANY killer backroads right around my house.... some of which are more trails than roads, lol. I have a feeling my hour meter is about to skyrocket, lol..... guess we'll see just how far the ol' girl will go! (pretty sure it's never been rebuilt either, if I had to guess). I'm gonna dual sport it for now but eventually plan on getting some supermoto wheels laced up as well. I'm excited!! I still love the street bike as well, but I like being able to just jump off the main road and check out some random dirt road and see where they go :) 


A few pics....
















Been doing some riding with my neighbor too



















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Gotta love the little kdx, you should look into uncorking the thing, you will be amazed how much power you can get from just a new exhaust.


Ohh yea I definitely am here before too long...... from what I've gathered an FMF Gnarly pipe and some Boyesen reed valves really wake these bikes up, and with the right carb tuning can almost bring them up to 250 power

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