It was tight, but it was fun, and a perfect test for my new gold valves :) ! So Nice!

The track is in Ontario, Canada, bout 1 hr from Buffalo.

And "Club Moto" indoor track will be opening in Orange County, California in a few months.

Greg, That'll be sweet!!!!!! Wouldn't it be great if it were open 7 days?? It would be like going to the gym. I heard about it too. Sould be nice.

My buddy is having a party for his kid next weekend. He is almost done with the indoor track. I think it's the first indoor barn track in the country. When done it will have 3 levels and be 5-6 feet wide. Only TTR's and XR's can really do well due to the tight confines. This is a great way to keep in shape during winter in Illinois. We just got a foot of snow and his kids are still riding. The adults can race too as long as they can fit on a mini/play bike.

Do you guys know where exactly this indoor track will be in Orange County? Maybe a website or something?

No website yet. Most probably in Santa Ana or that area.

A guy I know, named Doug, has been talking about doing this for a few years and then just recently I started hearing about it online. I asked if a guy named Doug was involved and people told me yes he was... so, I'll have to call him and find out the details. They have been talking about it on the message board. One person said that "Three Brothers Racing" in Costa Mesa has some type of flier about it.

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